Moxa – What temperature should I have at the Tourmaline ceramics?

From the physics we know the term Energy. Energy is an invisible size as is’t movement of molecules, atoms and electrons. The smaller the particles, the greater the energy, but it is still energy. Movement of atoms is always different. In oxygen it is a kind of movement and in hydrogen, movement has a different characteristic.

The Tourmaline ceramics energy also has its own distinctive heat movement and magnetic waves.

In the East, there is very much focus on the quality of the energy used to affect our organism.

The electric heater used to heat the Tourmaline ceramics inside our infrared appliances is of low quality. But the tourmaline ceramics takes up this heat energy and converts it into another kind of thermal energy with its own wavelength. Therefore, it is a very precise form of heat waves we receive from the tourmaline ceramics, an energy our body can easily absorb. The Koreans who manufacture the Tourmaline ceramics therefore recommend that we, for example, lies directly on the tourmaline ceramics – naked! Because if we, for example, use cotton between us and the material, we reduce the quality of the magnetic field that occurs between us and the material. It is about the East principle how to use energy and circulation of energy in their medicine.

If you want to get the best effect with the tourmaline ceramics, there must be a direct contact. This will also have an effect even if it is not heated via the built-in electrical heater.

How to choose your temperature?

Moxa temperature, risk of overheating and discomfort at an intermediate temperature.

Moxa temperature, risk of overheating and discomfort at an intermediate temperature.

For example, for people with heart problems, the best minimum temperature is 40-45 C, and maximum from 65-70 C.

One must avoid 50-55C. This is where our infrared appliances is often used incorrectly because you think 40 C is too little and 60 C is too much. Because if you use 50-55 C, you can stand the heat for a very long time, but you risk at the same time you will feel bad because your organism gets overheated, and you do not really get any benefit from what is meant by the tourmaline ceramics.

If you use a minimum temperature of 40-45 C instead, it does not give overheating, but it dilutes the blood due to the magnetic field, which is another feature of the Tourmaline ceramics, and has a positive effect on the immune and nervous system. Therefore use this minimum temperature which is not dangerous and for an unlimited period of time.

For example, if you use tourmaline ceramics in bed all night then use 40 C to 45 C. For example if you only need to heat your lower back, use 50 C to 55 C for 20 minutes, only in the evening, and only once. Such methods and temperatures are recommended to be used for heating joints to people with heart problems.

Generally, the best temperature for people with heart problems and / or high blood pressure is to use either minimal or maximum temperature. People with high blood pressure will have best using a  low temperatures because it can be used unlimited, and at this temperature your muscles will relax and your blood pressure will drop.

The high temperature 65C to 70C is MOXA!

Moxa is when 43 C is obtained in our tissue. But when do you know this temperature?
Moxa is connected in all cases with the concept of pain and cold areas, if you have warmth and comfortable comfort, it’s NOT MOXA! And very hot is not MOXA either!

If it burns so you feel you no more can stand it, then it’s MOXA! At 70 C one can feel Moxa already after a second. You can feel Moxa already at 55-60 C if you have very sensitive skin and spend a long time at the tourmaline ceramic.

Moxa is believed to have some of these three primary benefits:

  1. Treating chronic diseases, why?
    Because it causes white blood cells to collect the place you make Moxa and they attack the place you treat where there is a disease. Therefore, Moxa can help and initiate the body to work with the area in question.
  2. Regular use of Moxa is believed by some in the East to prevent cancer. They explain it while using Moxa, a special substance called Thermal Shock Protein (HSP) is eliminated, which is thought to slow the growth of cancer cells.
  3. Moxa helps to renew the growth of new tissues, especially joint and tendon tissue. When you have old tendons, your joints are not very flexible anymore and you become stiff in your movements. Moxa renews senes.

Moxa is stress and pain!

You need to be aware and prepared, Moxa treatments is stress and pain. Where many biologically active substances are secreted, including heat shock proteins. Moxa will be positive in all cases, and especially as prevention and aid for being maintained by a strong immune system.

Moxa can be applied in all places, knees, feet and anywhere, except the head, directly at the heart and at male genitals.

How do you properly use Moxa?

  1. Begin with the maximum temperature of 65 to 70 ° C
  2. Make several small treatments during the day, but in total it is recommended for a total of two hours a day.
  3. The safest place to make Moxa is on your feet, but do not mix Moxa with overheating.

How to avoid overheating when using high temperature.

For optimal effect, it is important to use Tourmaline ceramics often, best daily. For example, you can use a Tourmaline ceramic blanket on your feet in the morning and again in the evening for 15 minutes at 65 to 70 degrees C. You can then treat your knees for five minutes and move to the lumbar for seven minutes. In this way, by moving around places when we make Moxa, we can achieve a longer total processing time, best if you can reach two to three hours a daily.