E5 Stimulator for feet and legs

E5 is a combinational stimulator for medical and home use with thermal and low-frequency features!

This is a combinational stimulator for home use that stimulates the feet using thermal and low-frequency features. The heating unit stimulates the bottom of the feet for muscle pain relief, and the low-frequency waves effectively improve myoatrophy.

E5 Heating Unit

When your feet stand on these thermal tapped pads both an thermal and a reflexology function occurs.

Heating unit
The heating unit coming into contact with the feet provides a thermal function. (It automatically turns off after the set heating time of 8 hours.)
NDT ceramics
NDT ceramics charge anions and emit far-infrared rays.


E5 Low-frequency Pad for gentle stimulation

Low-frequency pads for gentle stimulation.

Low-frequency pads for gentle stimulation
The pad made with a conductive rubber material to apply low-frequency current to the body helps relieve muscle pain through low-frequency stimulation.

Foot massage, acupuncture points, reflexology and help with poor blood circulation

As the drawing shows, the nerves in the foot are closely connected to the internal organs of the body. E5 activates all of these nerves and thus the associated organs and areas of the body.

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N5 Tourmanium massage bed for your back

The latest and most advanced massage bed from Nuga Medical.

N5 is completely new design, based on the experiences made from previous models. N5 is a multifunction thermal massage bed, specially designed for treatment of the spine. Along the spine are some important meridians having acupuncture points with connections to all organs in our body. These acupuncture points and associated organs, spine and all of the neural pathways in the spine, will be stimulated by the N5 apparatus.

Treatment for you and your back with a combination of the best known and most effective principles from both Moxa acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic – at the same time.

With N5 all this is possible to make at home for the benefit for the whole family.

Price DKK 26.000 ( € 3483) incl. VAT.

On sale: DKK 21.700 ( € 2905) incl. VAT.

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N5 Tourmanium massage bed for your back

N5 is the flagship of Nuga Medical’s devices, it gathers all the built-in knowledge, research, folk wisdom, technology and quality that characterizes Nuga Medical.


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