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What is Moxa treatment?

Using new technology, we can achieve people in a secure way can make their own moxa treatments at home – without any use of dangerous flames and embers in the bed!
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Moxa – What temperature should I have at the ceramic?

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Ceramic and infrared heat

Our appliances and devices use tourmaline ceramics. This ceramics is a composition of natural components such as Tourmaline, Germanium, Lava, Elvan (granite). These components are crushed into a powder and poured into small round or hexagonal molds. These are then burned in an oven at 1,300 C and become ceramics.

This special ceramic are among other things, characterized by a high emission of infrared heat waves in a specific area of the infrared area of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared heat

Infrared rays can not be seen, but we can feel them as heat. For example, the heat we feel from the sun, or a hot tile stove, infrared electromagnetic waves. Read more >>>