NM-80 Small but effective

Flexible Tourmaline ceramics heat pad

Through times one of our most popular infrared and negative ion products!

NM-80 Thermal tourmaline heat pad

It is small enough to massage a specific part of your body, such as the abdominal area, chest region or lower back.

NM-80 heat pad is made with the unique Tourmaline ceramics which gives the deep infrared heat and negative ions.

It is recommended for those who suffer from feeling cold or people with different allergies and other health problems. The influence of Tourmaline ceramics affect the body positively and enhances our immune system.

NM-80 is like the other Tourmaline ceramics products designed for those suffering from feeling cold or people with various allergies and other health problems, since the impact of Tourmaline ceramics affect our organism positive and reinforces our immune system.
There is no vibration inside the pad, the massage therapy is soft and comfortable. The treatment comes from wonderful thermal infrared heat rays and the specially designed Tourmaline ceramics “buttons” which design makes them working as acupressure-pressure-massage during use.

Use tourmaline ceramic regularly to improve and maintain your health!

NM-80 Thermal tourmaline heat pad

Take advantage of time while your body get better blood circulation and strengthens its immune system, it is also supplied with new energy from the high radiation of the negative ions.

Use it for example in bed, favorite chair, sofa while watching TV, in the office chair or by computer work.

Or in bed during sleep…


For persons with sleep problems or stress could gain help using the curtain in the bed, where it will give the relaxing sleep our bodies need, without the use of drugs and their connected side effects.

Please note: The heat pad is manufactured with a layer of special bronze fiber that is designed to block the electromagnetic waves from the inside of the heat pad.



Price DKK 3,450 ( € 464) incl. VAT and free delivery to Danish postal address.
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NM-80 Tourmaline infrared ceramic blanket.

Technical specifications

• Measurements: 76cm long, 44cm wide and 2cm thick
• Temperature range: 40ºC to 70ºC
• Weight: 3kg
• Electrical connection: 230VAC / 50~60Hz
• Power consumption: max. 140 W (only during heating, after this the thermostat switches on and off for maintain set temperature).