NM-2500 Full size infrared mattress

NM-2500 Infrared mattress, massage, acupressure, moxa treatment, wellness, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, migraines, back pain, osteoarthritis, pain, sleep problems, burn calories

NM-2500 is a full-size infrared mattress with built-in acupressure- negative ion and magnet therapy.

Aid towards pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and much more, or pure wellness.

It is a pure pleasure to feel the infrared heat therapy from this full-size mattress. Use it in bed or in the living room for strengthening the health and immune systems, or pure wellness and relaxation. Can be used as an aid for many many health related issues like asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, migraines, back pain, osteoarthritis, pain, menstrual pain and sleep problems or pure prevention and wellness.

NM-2500 Infrared tourmanline ceramics mattress against fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, menstrual pain.

Use this mattress when you want the most of the deep infrared rays and negative ions. Specially designed for people who suffer from problems such as arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, menstrual pain and more.

Also this thermal mattress is made of tourmaline ceramics with the principles of the Oriental moxa treatment and acupressure, as well as a negative ion and magnetic therapy from the special tourmaline ceramics.

Stimulate metabolism, relieve pain, calms and helps you to completely relax.

Infrared heat rays causes our cells to work hard and is a well known method that helps to balance the metabolism, and even known to burn energy without physical activity, which is also known from infrared saunas.

Use NM-2500 in bed or your living room for better health and / or pain relief with less use of medications or none. Or use NM-2500 as a pure wellness device for the whole family.

NM-2500 treats, cleans and helps burns calories, even while your are resting or sleeping.

The thermal mattress NM-2500 is a full-size thermal mattress which gives you heat by means of the pleasant deep infrared rays. Used as here during sleep will keep your body’s heat balance, help to cleanse your body of waste products and provides your body with negative ions, even while your are resting or sleeping.

Six features of the mattress that can benefit your body

• Radiation heat provides therapeutic effect of high temperature from tourmaline ceramics, up to 70C (this may be set between about 40C to 70C).
• Relieve pain, calms and helps you to relax completely.
• Stimulate the growth and development of the body and its organs.
• Helps maintain balance in your digestive system.
• Regulates and stabilizes the body’s fluid balance.
• Helps the body to release its waste.
• Stimulate the metabolism, and stimulates the cells to burn energy.

The mattress does not require special training to use, can be used by everyone in the family. Children and pets will also love its natural heat, a heat which is felt as to lie in front of a hot stove a cold winter day, or to enjoy the sun’s infrared heat rays one of the first spring days.


Particularly around fibromyalgia and rheumatism
Fibromyalgia is due to a number of disorders of the central nervous system, which will give an overall “sensitivity” to pain impact. It has been shown that people who suffer from fibromyalgia seems to have too many pain sensors in relation to the number of natural pain inhibitors, designed to reduce pain. When the brain is constantly affected by pain signals, and do not get adequate rest, it creates a sort of “sensitivity” of pain.
Our feedback from people who suffer from these symptoms, which uses NM-2500 regularly, are they get rest during use of particularly NM-2500, but also from our other Tourmaline ceramics products. Thus, they feel relief from the constant pain and can often go down in doses of painkiller medication. The same goes for people who suffer from arthritis pain. We usually recommended one hour of therapy a day, half an hour on each side (back-belly).

Characteristics of NM-2500 mattress

• Is made from tourmaline ceramic – emitting far infrared rays and negative ions.
• Construction of environmentally friendly materials both for humans and the environment.
• Tourmaline ceramic is safe to use year round.
• Integrated copper- and aluminum foil to protect against magnetic radiation and electromagnetic waves.
• Keeps via its thermostat an accurate temperature to guarantee a comfortable use.
• The ceramics containing Germanium is said to help blood for better absorption of oxygen by its electric influence.
• The ceramics contains Elvan (Granite), which sterilizes and deodoriser.
• Transport and storage bag included, the mattress can be folded twice to fit in your bag.

Price DKK 8.375 ( € 1125) incl. VAT.

On sale: DKK 7.375 ( € 995) incl. VAT.

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Technical specifications

• Dimensions: 190cm long, 80cm wide, 2.5cm high
• Temperature range: 40ºC to 70ºC
• Weight: 12kg
• Power supply: 230VAC / 50Hz
• Consumption: max. 200W (only during the heating process, where after the thermostat will turn on and turn off the heat to maintain set temperature).
• NM-2500 Certificate Number: CE-K-0228-07