Ceramic and infrared heat

Our infrared appliances and devices use a special ceramic we call tourmaline ceramics.  This ceramics is a composition of natural components such as Tourmaline, Germanium, Lava and granite. These components are crushed into a powder and poured into small round or hexagonal molds. These are then burned in an oven at 1,300 C and become ceramics.

This ceramics are among other things, characterized by a high emission of infrared heat waves in a specific area of the infrared area of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared heat

Infrared rays can not be seen, but we can feel them as heat. For example, the heat we feel from the sun, or a hot tile stove, infrared electromagnetic waves.

As mentioned under MOXA, due to Tourmaline ceramics composition of the above component this ceramic transforms the heat energy from the built-in electric heater to another kind of thermal energy, an infrared heat energy with its own very specific wavelength.

Infrared heat waves are part of the physical electromagnetic spectrum which describes how there is a connection between the frequency and the different wavelengths.

If we start in the electromagnetic spectrum at the end with the longest wavelengths and lowest frequency, here we have the radio waves, then the microwaves and then comes the area with infrared waves. After this we have the area with visible light. And first after this come the areas of harmful waves, ultraviolet light, such as causes sunburn, x-ray and gamma rays.

The infrared waves must therefore not be confused with the devastating rays such as ultraviolet light, x-ray or radioactive rays.

But if we stay in the infrared waves area, you’ll feel radiation as warmth in a large part of this area. The higher the frequency in this area, the stronger the heat will feel.

How does the body react to the infrared waves

When our body tissue are influenced by infrared waves, the temperature in the deeper muscular and skin layers increases in more depth compared to other traditional heat sources. This causes the body to try prevent the temperature from rising by expanding the blood vessels, while also simultaneously increasing the pulse. This increases blood circulation and oxygenation in the tissue, which helps to purge waste from metabolism.

When these wastes are excreted, the poisoning state of the tissue decreases and inflammation conditions are improved. It is better than medication, as it is not only the symptoms that are alleviated, but also there is an improvement in the health.

Therefore, this is one reason the infrared waves are beneficial both for us humans and other living beings.