Ceramic and infrared heat

Our infrared appliances and devices use a special ceramic we call tourmaline ceramics.  This ceramics is a composition of natural components such as Tourmaline, Germanium, Lava and granite. These components are crushed into a powder and poured into small round or hexagonal molds. These are then burned in an oven at 1,300 C and become ceramics.

This ceramics are among other things, characterized by a high emission of infrared heat waves in a specific area of the infrared area of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared heat

Infrared rays can not be seen, but we can feel them as heat. For example, the heat we feel from the sun, or a hot tile stove, infrared electromagnetic waves.

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What is Moxa?

To understand why the devices we have here from Korea are not to compare with ordinary heat blankets we buy in electrical equipment shops, we need understand some of the underlie principles. We’ll understand why these products from Korea is medical devices with a great knowledge behind it.

Furthermore the idea of these equipment’s are we should try use some natural methods before resorting to medication and it’s often negative side effects. Or we can use both, but perhaps with less use of essential medicines.

Moxa treatment of pains with up to 70C heated tourmaline ceramics

Moxa treatment with special tourmaline ceramics up to 70C.

Moxa treatment with special tourmaline ceramics up to 70C.

Many we talk to in Denmark about these products from Korea, wonder why we can have up to 70C on the ceramics. That’s because these equipment among other things builds on what in traditional Chinese medicine is called Moxa, also called moxibustion, or in Danish “Moxa treatment”.

Moxa and Acupuncture are as a couple.

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NM-200 Local Moxa and Acupressure device

Manuel tourmaline ceramics treatment device for local treatment.


NM-200 used both as Moxa and Acupressure.

NM-200 used both as Moxa and Acupressure.

NM-200 Uses an underlying 2-hole light projector for heating the tourmaline ceramics material. Through the control unit, the temperature can easily be set between 30 and 70 C. The design of the tourmaline ceramics itself makes it ergonomic to use anywhere, but is particularly good for the treatment of the neck and neck area, hands and feet, or locally on organs to stimulate them.


For example, can be used to treat urinary incontinence in women.

NM-200 can be used to treat urinary incontinence.

NM-200 can be used to treat urinary incontinence.

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Moxa – What temperature should I have at the Tourmaline ceramics?

From the physics we know the term Energy. Energy is an invisible size as is’t movement of molecules, atoms and electrons. The smaller the particles, the greater the energy, but it is still energy. Movement of atoms is always different. In oxygen it is a kind of movement and in hydrogen, movement has a different characteristic.

The Tourmaline ceramics energy also has its own distinctive heat movement and magnetic waves.

In the East, there is very much focus on the quality of the energy used to affect our organism.

The electric heater used to heat the Tourmaline ceramics inside our infrared appliances is of low quality. But the tourmaline ceramics takes up this heat energy and converts it into another kind of thermal energy with its own wavelength. Therefore, it is a very precise form of heat waves we receive from the tourmaline ceramics, an energy our body can easily absorb. The Koreans who manufacture the Tourmaline ceramics therefore recommend that we, for example, lies directly on the tourmaline ceramics – naked! Because if we, for example, use cotton between us and the material, we reduce the quality of the magnetic field that occurs between us and the material. It is about the East principle how to use energy and circulation of energy in their medicine.

If you want to get the best effect with the tourmaline ceramics, there must be a direct contact. This will also have an effect even if it is not heated via the built-in electrical heater.

How to choose your temperature?

Moxa temperature, risk of overheating and discomfort at an intermediate temperature.

Moxa temperature, risk of overheating and discomfort at an intermediate temperature.

For example, for people with heart problems, the best minimum temperature is 40-45 C, and maximum from 65-70 C.

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Studio Balance Fredensborg

Welcome to Studio Balance Fredensborg.

In Fredensborg we have showroom, here you are welcome to both see and try most of our appliances and products – completely non-binding, and before any purchase.

Booking required either via:
Via the contact form
Via mail: info@nugabest.dk

Or by phone: 20448048

Please Note: Telephone hours weekdays between 17 and 21, weekend all day.

Veksebovej 4, 3480 Fredensborg





NM-90 Belt of the lower back and abdomen

Our popular belt for treatment of lower back and abdomen.

Infrared Tourmaline ceramics heat belt specially designed to treat lower back pain, back pain, digestive problems, abdominal pain and the like.

NM-90 for pain in eg lower back, joints, abdomen, back, or pain from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis.

Infrared heat belt specially designed for thermal treatment of low-back pain, abdominal pain and the like.

The belt is also helpful for people who feel cold loins and people with poor blood circulation.

Especially elderly people often feel cold loin, here the belt efficient heating with pleasant infrared heat rays and causes an increase of boldcirkulationen in the lumbar area. Any pain and tension diminishes or disappears.

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NM-2500 Full size infrared mattress

NM-2500 Infrared mattress, massage, acupressure, moxa treatment, wellness, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, migraines, back pain, osteoarthritis, pain, sleep problems, burn calories

NM-2500 is a full-size infrared mattress with built-in acupressure- negative ion and magnet therapy.

Aid towards pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and much more, or pure wellness.

It is a pure pleasure to feel the infrared heat therapy from this full-size mattress. Use it in bed or in the living room for strengthening the health and immune systems, or pure wellness and relaxation. Can be used as an aid for many many health related issues like asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, migraines, back pain, osteoarthritis, pain, menstrual pain and sleep problems or pure prevention and wellness.

NM-2500 Infrared tourmanline ceramics mattress against fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, menstrual pain.

Use this mattress when you want the most of the deep infrared rays and negative ions. Specially designed for people who suffer from problems such as arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, menstrual pain and more.

Also this thermal mattress is made of tourmaline ceramics with the principles of the Oriental moxa treatment and acupressure, as well as a negative ion and magnetic therapy from the special tourmaline ceramics.

Stimulate metabolism, relieve pain, calms and helps you to completely relax.

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MHP-100 Shoulder, back and neck

MHP-100 infrared shoulder, back and neck warmer.

MHP-100 Infrared shoulder, back and neck warmer in beautiful design.

Thermal infrared and negative ion therapy. MHP-100 is specifically designed for shoulder region, but also perfect for the rest of the body such as the abdomen, chest region, lower back, or poison-ridden hands and feet.

MHP-100 is manufactured with the unique Tourmaline ceramics that emits the pleasant and far infrared heat rays, and the negative ion therapy, from which is another characteristic of Tourmaline ceramics.

Like the other Tourmaline ceramics products MHP-100 is designed to help people who suffer from feeling pain, tension, feel cold due. Poor blood circulation, people with various allergies and other health problems. as the impact of Tourmaline ceramics affects the organism positively and enhances our immune system.

There are no vibrations inside the heat blanket, massage therapy is soft and comfortable as it comes from the thermal heat rays and the specially designed Tourmaline ceramics “buttons” that provides acupressure point massage during use.

MHP-100 is flexible and can be used in numerous ways.

MHP-100 Infrared heater against cold arthritic hands.

Infrared heater for example against cold arthritic hands or feet.

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