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Who is Nuga Best and where do you meet us?

The South Korean company Nuga Medical, which produces Nuga Best products, was founded in 2002. At that time there already existed 56 other similar companies in South Korea, but Nuga Medical quickly gained a large customer satisfaction, based primarily on an outstanding technological strength and service.

This has made the company today’s leading company in South Korea within its industry. At the same time the company has been aware of the world’s rapidly changing trends and adapt to these changes.

Nuga Medical’s corporate presentation film.

Corporate Philosophy
To contribute to human health by providing the best service with the best technology, with love.

Corporate vision
Nuga Medical has despite years of work with new challenges achieved a remarkable growth and quickly became a global company. The company has participated in several research and development projects, and conducted thorough monitoring and management system to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, which is the highest priority. The company has committed itself to continue to develop and endeavor to improve the quality of life for humanity.

Nuga Best in Denmark

Nuga Best på messe.

Nuga Best Denmark.

Meet us in Denmark

In Denmark Nuga Medical is represented through the company Studio Balance ApS in Fredensborg. You are always welcome to contact us for more information, or by appointment to visit us, where you can get more information and see and try the products for free and without any obligations. It is an important element of Nuga Medical for everyone to be able to try their products before any purchase.

Likewise, we participate several times a year in various exhibitions in Denmark where it is also possible to visit us and try most of Nuga Best products. On this site we will post where you can meet us next.

Nuga Best på messe.

Nuga Best Denmark.


Nuga Best på messe.

Nuga Best Denmark.



Nuga Best faciliteter i Sydkorea.

Nuga Best Facilities in South Korea.