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Traditional Oriental medicine

Traditional Oriental medicine has been practiced in Asia for more than 5,000 years. A learning and medicine focusing on restoring organ functions in our organism, maintain or restore the health of our body by bringing the bodily functions into balance. At the same time strengthening and activating our body’s natural immune system.

Nuga Best uses some of the most widespread and successful areas of the traditional oriental medicine:

Moxa-Acupuncture, and the newer Electro-acupuncture and acupressure.

Nuga Best combine these methods with magnetic and negative ion therapy, together with Western chiropractic. Hereby have created some unique and exceptional devices and products in a very high quality.

Nuga Best devices and products are medical devices for personal and private use, a device for pain relief, for the benefit of health and quality of life.

Nuga Medical’s motivation is love for humanity, a love to compare with a mother’s love for her child or children.

At Team Nuga Best in Denmark we are convinced our Nuga Best products can help people to a better quality of life, and not least help reduce the widespread use of medications. Medicines we definitely can not do without, but there are perhaps alternatives which could also be tested, or combined, with less use of medication as a result.

You are always welcome to contact us for further information and testing Nuga Best devices.

We hope this has inspired you to read more on our pages here. You are always welcome to contact us for questions or any test of our Nuga Best products.

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